Tea Facts ... recommended reading
Quiet Moment and a Cup of Tea Display
Alex Gray, Susan Mink Colclough
© January 2001
Stacey D'Erasmo
© January 2001
Green Tea: Health Benefit and Applications (Food Science and Technology)
Yukihiko Harra  © December 2000
Cooking with Tea; Techniques and Recipes for Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts and More
Robert Wemischner & Diana Rosen © 2000
The Green Tea User's Manual
Helen Gustafson
© 2001
The Time of Tea
Domininique T. Pasqualini & Bruno Suet
© 1999
The New Tea Book, a guide to black, green, herbal and chai tea
Sara Perry
© 2001
Tea and Infusions: A Connoisseur's Guide
Jane Pettigrew © December 2002
Tea: A Cultural History from Around the World (Astonishing Facts About Series)
Ed S. Milton © February 2003
Tea at the Blue Lantern Inn
Jane Whitaker © January 2002
Rediscovering Rikyu and the Beginning of the Japanese Tea Ceremony
Herbert Plutschow © January 2003
The Tea Council's Guide to the Best Tea in England
Published by Little Bookroom © October 2002
Taking Tea at the Savoy
Anton Edelman © October 2002
Taking Tea for Business and Pleasure
Dorothea Johnson © 2002
Tea for Two
Running Press © August 2002
The Way of Tea; The Sublime Art of Oriental tea Drinking
Lam Kam Chuen © 2002
Iced Tea
Fred Thompson
© 2002
The Tea Box
Gilles Brochard
© 2001
Green Tea for Health & Vitality
Jorg Zittlau © 1999
A Pocket Guide to All the Tea in China
Kit Chow and Lone Kramer © 1998
If Teacups Could Talk, Sharing A Cup Of Kindness With Treasured Friends
Emilie Barnes
© 1994
Tea & Etiquette Taking Tea For Business And Pleasure
Dorothea Johnson
© 1998
The Book of Green Tea
Diana Rosen
© 1998
The Tea Companion, A Connoisseur's Guide
Jane Pettigrew
© 1997
All About Green Tea
Vitoria Dolby, MPH
© 1998
Tea Basics, A quick and easy guide
Wendy Rasmussen & Ric Rhinehart
© 1999

Making Your Own Gourmet Tea Drinks
New York Crown Publishers
© 1995

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